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Judgement Atlas

The Atlas will track judgements rendered on their merits by the Court. Click on the coloured member states to see which judgements have been rendered. Then use the links below in the Judgement Library below to access these and other  judgements.



Judgement Library

Here you will find all the Court’s judgements, provisional measures and other Court-related cases of interest. Click on the link to open the judgement in PDF format.









Provisional Measures

Provisional Measures, pursuant to Article 27 (2) of the Protocol, provide that “in cases of extreme gravity and urgency, and when necessary to avoid irreparable harm to persons, the Court shall adopt such provisional measures as it deems necessary.”


  • African Commission v Libya
    Date of Order: 15th March 2013.
    Court Order: (i) Libya to refrain from all judicial proceedings, investigations or detention that could cause irreparable damage to the detainee in violation of the Charter or any other international instruments to which Libya is a party; (ii) allow the detainee access to a lawyers of his own choosing; (iii) allow the detainee visits by family members; (iv) refrain from taking any action that may affect the Detainee’s physical and mental integrity as well as his health; (v) to report to the Court within 15 days of the date of receipt of the Order on the measures taken to implement this Order.
  • Konate v. Burkina Faso
    Date of Order: 4th October 2013.
    Court Order: (i) immediate release denied; (ii) orders Burkina Faso to provide the Applicant with the medication and healthcare required; and (iii) Burkina Faso to report to the Court within 15 days from receipt of the Order on measures taken to enforce the Order.

Other Court-related cases of interest